Do you consider yourself as a SEO Professional? It is safe to say that you are an online entrepreneur who’s occupied with this type of search results marketing?

On the off chance that you have any enthusiasm for search engine optimization, there’s no opportunity to kick back and sit tight for the opposition to cruise you by. Rather, you should be proactive, actualizing the best tools, keeping tabs on your development and remaining ebb and flow with search engine changes. Now and then the best search engine optimization tool is a free tool.

We’ll look at 10 of the top Google tools for SEO experts. Notwithstanding, We’re moving past the most surely understood tools. At the end of the day, you won’t discover the Keyword Planner Tool, Google Analytics or Google Search Console on the rundown.

Rather, We need to share tools that you may not utilize, but rather that could huge affect what you do.

How about we begin!

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1. Google Mobile-Friendly 

Did you realize that around 60% of inquiries now originate from mobile devices?

Ten years prior, it would’ve been difficult to trust that this day would come. Be that as it may, it’s here. Furthermore, it’s setting down deep roots.

As some individual inspired by SEO, it’s vital to comprehend the effect this can have on your search engine results. Google has made it clear that your site ought to be mobile friendly, so this isn’t something you ought to mess with.

Luckily, the search engine mammoth is doing its part to make your life somewhat less demanding. With the assistance of the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool, it just takes two or three seconds to decide whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

In the event that your website falls flat this test, don’t squander one more day before rolling out the essential improvements. A mobile-friendly version of your site could do ponders for your search engine rankings, and the measure of organic traffic that you produce.

2. Google My Business

Local SEO is huge business. In case you’re a local organization hoping to drive business online, you have to execute a sound procedure, worked around search engine optimization.

For most, this begins with Google My Business. With a business listing, you’re in position to furnish prospective customers with more data on your organization, including business hours, area and contact telephone numbers. It’s a basic search engine free tool.

Consider the stats, nearby inquiries lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores inside one day.

Making a Google My Business posting does not ensure on the web or pedestrian traffic, but rather it unquestionably moves you in the correct bearing.

Google My Business isn’t an instrument for all entrepreneurs, yet it’s one that local business can take full favorable position of.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Is a quick website truly that vital?

All things considered, everything relies on upon what you’re attempting to accomplish. If you need to discover your website at the highest point of the search engine rankings, this is an unquestionable requirement. Furthermore, If you need to best serve your visitors, it’s likewise a smart thought.

As it were, you need your site to be as quick as could be allowed.

How quick the content on your site loads will affect your rankings and how users connect with your site. This is the reason you have to guarantee that your site is moving as fast as could reasonably be expected, at all circumstances for ideal search results.

Because of the Google PageSpeed Insights apparatus, you never need to figure regardless of whether your site is satisfactory, concerning speed. Rather, it helps you to make your site fast on all devices.

Make certain to check both the desktop and mobile tabs, as you need to ensure your site is up to speed on each device sort.

Besides, Google gives advice on things you ought to fix. By acknowledging this data, you may locate a couple approaches to rapidly build the speed of your site.

4. Google Correlate

It is safe to say that you are the kind of individual who needs to go well beyond, while researching keyword data?

In the event that you fit this form, similar to us, there are a couple tools that can help you create the best outcomes. Google Correlate is one of them.

With this, you can reveal search patterns that “compare with real-world trends.” This free tool concentrates on pertinent keyword research.

As it were, it gives keywords that are commonly searched together. For instance, perhaps you run a search for “fat loss.”

You realize that there are numerous keywords based around this topic. In any case, this tool demonstrates to you the ones that most nearly relate with your essential keyword. Build up your keyword planner with the assistance of this tool.

On the off chance that you have a solid enthusiasm for revealing the best long tail keywords for any subject, the Google Correlate tool can be your closest companion. Help yourself out and try different things with this, before composing your next blog entry. It might help you locate an exceptional point that you had already neglected.

5. Google Trends

An intense tool that is regularly disregarded by online marketers, Google Trends can help you address subjects that are prominent, at this moment.

Notwithstanding exploring “Featured Insights,” you can likewise run a look for any theme or keyword that rings a bell.

With a rundown of related subjects, you can rapidly come up with new thoughts for future blog posts.

Google Trends doesn’t generally give information that you can use further bolstering your good fortune. Be that as it may, from a SEO viewpoint, it’s well worth utilizing all the time in search engine keyword research. You never know when it’ll help you uncover that one subject that pushes a heap of activity to your site.

6. Google Chrome

What does a web browser need to do with SEO?

If you end up believing that one program is the same as the following, change your reasoning. Here’s the reason: Google Chrome has an assortment of SEO extensions that can help you settle on better choices about your online marketing strategy.

For instance, the SEO and Website Analysis extension is one of the best you’ll discover. With this, you can in a split second force a SEO report for any site.

Not exclusively does this give the chance to track the effect of your SEO strategy, yet it does likewise for your opposition. Thus, you’ll pick up a superior comprehension of what you have to do, with a specific end goal to move to the highest point of Google for your target keywords.

In case you’re interested in utilizing Google Chrome as your browser, ensure you’re likewise open to downloading a couple SEO extensions. When you locate the one that suits you best, you might be astounded at how regularly you depend on it as a free tool and keyword planner.

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7. Google Alerts

Similarly as it is with Google Chrome, you may not completely see how this tool can help you come to your SEO related goals.

Be that as it may, the more you utilize Google Alerts, the more innovative you’ll get.

One of the best things you can do is set up an alarm for your main three to five contenders. Thusly, you’ll get a notice, whenever that they are said by an online outlet. This is imperative for your long haul search engine optimization efforts.

Why is this essential?

For one, it permits you to keep a beat on your opposition and what they are doing. What’s more, it allows you to pursue a similar sort of scope.

There’s nothing amiss with following the publications and bloggers that consistently cover your opposition. When you have a strong rundown set up, connect with the fitting party and pitch your organization.

If you have something important to offer or in the event that you can demonstrate that your organization is similarly as essential as your rivals, don’t be shocked if this prompts positive scope and conceivably a link back to your site, enhancing search results and mining positive link building opportunities.

Utilizing Google Alerts is as straightforward as writing in a topic and evaluating the “Alert preview.”

On the off chance that you like what you find in the review, it’s a great opportunity to make the alarm and sit tight for the updates to come in.

8. Google Voice

What is your essential objective, as to SEO and your website?

Like most, the appropriate response is basic: to drive however much qualified traffic as could reasonably be expected.

Be that as it may, recollect this present: there’s a whole other world to a successful business than expanding website traffic. You should have an arrangement for changing over these individuals into customers.

Contingent upon your business, you might be the sort who needs to hop on the phone with forthcoming customers. For this situation, you know that it is so vital to be promptly accessible at all circumstances.

This is the place Google Voice becomes an integral factor.

With this tool available to you, you access one number for the majority of your telephones. In this way, in the event that you have more than one business line, for instance, you can utilize Google Voice to unite them all.

Besides, it offers free long separation, a streamlined voicemail system and aggressive rates on every global calls.

In case you’re pondering what else you can do with Google Voice, consider the accompanying:

  • Send instant messages specifically from your PC.
  • Make customized welcome to redo the callers’ experience.
  • Share voice messages and read transcriptions online.
  • Get calls from any telephone.

Beginning is as basic as asking for another number or utilizing a current portable number.

From that point, take after the prompts and you’re account will be set up in the blink of an eye.

You may not view this as a conventional search engine optimization tool. In any case, from multiple points of view, it’s critical to the accomplishment of your marketing plan.

9. Google Sheets

With such a large number of SEO tools to browse, you may end up floating towards those with the best reputation for giving a high level of features.

While there’s nothing amiss with turning your regard for SEO keyword research tools, once in a while it’s best to start again from scratch. This is especially valid, in case you’re new to SEO and need to keep a close watch on everything that you’re doing.

Over and over, We advise individuals to utilize Google Sheets for different SEO related assignments. These can include:

  • Making a content schedule for your blog.
  • Following the keywords that you have focused before, and those you need to address later on.
  • Following the quantity of links to your site, including where they originate from.

Alongside the above, Google Sheets can likewise prove to be useful when you’re offering SEO duties to other individuals.

For instance, you might need to team up on long tail keyword selection. As opposed to send several emails back and forth, make a Google Sheet and share the data. This keeps everybody in agreement, at all circumstances, along these lines abstaining from overlapping work and potential keyword planner mistakes.

Despite the fact that a blank spreadsheet is normally the most ideal approach to begin, you might need to look over one of the layouts that is given by Google.

It’s not the most intense SEO tool, but rather Google Sheets is one of those basic things that can put a big affect on your business.

10. YouTube

Do you recollect when Google gained YouTube for more than one billion dollars?

It’s been over 10 years, so I don’t reprimand you if you’ve overlooked that the greatest search engine company on the planet is the proprietor of the greatest video sharing site (and second greatest search engine on the planet).

If you have your eyes set on building up a complete online marketing and SEO technique, it’s fundamental to get involved with the creation and appropriation of video.

There are many advantages to devoting most your video marketing assets to YouTube, including the way that it has the biggest user base of all video sharing administrations.

Also, YouTube recordings regularly rank high in Google’s search results.

Along these lines, regardless of the possibility that you battle to push your site to the highest point of the rankings, you might have the capacity to have accomplishment with your YouTube videos. With this approach, you realize that you can get your content before a crowd of people of individuals who are interested with what you need to state.

If you need to see exactly how effective YouTube can be, browse the absolute most prominent channels in your space. Thusly, you’ll show signs of improvement thought of what has worked for others and that can help you build up a technique for your own particular online property and social media development.


It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re doing SEO for a local company or a national brand. It doesn’t make a difference what you’ve done in the past or what you want to achieve later on. The utilization of at least one of these tools will improve your approach.

Did you realize that almost 60% of B2B marketers say that SEO has the greatest effect on lead generation?

In the event that you feel a similar way, now’s an ideal opportunity to inspect your SEO strategy, to guarantee that it’s in great working order.

What do you think about this rundown of free Google tools? Have you utilized any of these before? Share your feedback in the remark area below.