Alexa ranking is something that any individual who is related to the web business should be acquainted with. Up until the point that a couple of years back, it was viewed as an exceedingly compelling and imperative metric to decide the ubiquity of a site. It was second in pertinence just to Google Page Rank. It has been two decades Alexa still stays pertinent for website admins and site proprietors similarly. In this article, we investigate why Alexa ranking is essential even today and how it can enhance your site’s ranking.

What is Alexa Ranking?

As the name shows, it is a ranking given by Alexa to your site, contingent upon the measure of movement it gets. Begun in 1996, Alexa is a backup of It spends significant time in gathering and dissecting web movement information, in light of which it positions sites and online journals. The ranking is one of the vital elements that decide the ubiquity and productivity of a site.

How Does the Ranking System Work?

Keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend why Alexa ranking is essential, you have to know how it is ascertained in any case. Alexa utilizes two measurements while choosing the ranking of a site – the quantity of page sees and the quantity of one of a kind guests – over a time of three months. Page sees allude to the circumstances your site’s URL is seen by clients. Interesting guests mean the number of individuals who visit your site. In the event that a similar client visits your site a few times each day, it will be considered one visit alone.


Alexa computes your site’s ranking in light of the movement got from a specific subset of clients – the individuals who have Alexa toolbar introduced and the individuals who have program expansions and modules introduced. Each time a client visits your site, the toolbar, expansion, or module sends the data to the Alexa server, which records the client’s IP and the pages he or she visits. The data gathered over a traverse of three months is then examined to decide your site’s ranking.


With Google PR, the higher the ranking, the more famous and definitive your site is. With Alexa, the littler the number, the more mainstream your site is. Sites that are generally well known and get a not too bad measure of activity routinely have an Alexa ranking of 50,000 to 100,000. In the event that your site’s ranking is higher than 100,000, you have to streamline and advertise it better to bring it down however much as could be expected. In the event that your ranking is lower than 50,000, it implies your site pulls in a lot of movement consistently.


Reasons Why Alexa Ranking is Important

  1. It fills in as a significant metric to show your site’s notoriety. It additionally serves a near device, as you can contrast your site and that of your rivals and perceive how well you are getting along as far as activity and ubiquity. As a thumb lead, you should mean to put your site among the best 50,000 positioned destinations.
  1. It is one of the variables that publicists consider to decide the showcasing capability of your site. Sites with high Alexa ranking, for the most part, have a tendency to be more gainful and draw in more promoters. It likewise evaluates your site’s aggregate fiscal esteem.
  1. It is one of the elements that decide your Google page rank. Higher-positioned sites are listed by Google bots routinely, which makes website streamlining less demanding.
  1. Alexa ranking is viewed as a pertinent and vital metric by numerous website admins and additionally clients. This is especially valid as far as business sites, as it isn’t unprecedented for clients to investigate your Alexa ranking and rating before choosing if your site is protected and sufficiently dependable to purchase from.

You can download the Alexa toolbar from their site. You can even redo the toolbar and offer it as a free download from your site. It is an incredible method to compensate for your client base. In addition, if your standard guests download the toolbar, it can enable you to keep up your rankings as Alexa checks the visits from clients with Alexa toolbars to decide your ranking.

Presently you taught to have an unmistakable thought with respect to why Alexa ranking is essential and why your site needs it. Along these lines, download the toolbar, discover your ranking, and show it on your landing page gladly.