Starting and running business is tough task, especially when it’s about marketing your product/services with limited budget.

So, what’s the solution?

Digital Marketing is best and cheapest way to target your potential customers. 

SEO: research and identify keywords by which your customer may search your product/services on Google, a good SEO/Internet Marketing Expert may help you identifying best keywords and may help you in getting top search ranking in Google

Google Ad-words: paid search result services by Google can be used to display your product. Remember to get best results a good landing page need. You can get more suggestions from PPC consultant.

Online Display Advertisement: Google Ad-sense services is one of best platform for displaying your product/services in different websites

Email Marketing Campaign: Email is still best way to approach your customers mail box, now days many specialised internet marketing consultant are doing this work as affiliate marketers to get best results

Google Analytics: Don’t forget to connect you website with Google analytics (free tools by Google to track traffic on your website), this will help you to track output of your campaigns done.