With 90 per cent for every penny of mobile usage on Facebook and the greater part the searches happening through mobile, mobile user experience is as of now a concentration zone. We will see brands put significantly more in it, particularly with regards to speed. Google has propelled Accelerated Mobile Pages and Facebook is extending its Instant Articles highlight, both of which will grow their range in 2017. Indeed, even social media engagement through mobile will change with brands adjusting to how they can get greater engagement on devices.

Mobile User Experience

Brands regularly believed more content is better, however with a huge number of content pieces and social media posts going out each day, the inverse is true. 2017 will see a sharp pattern of brands focussing on high-esteem content, which is connecting with and significantly more customized. With voice search developing in scale (at present at 20 per cent of mobile searches in the US) a significant number of our digital activities will be a discussion.


With computerization and machine learning assuming a vast part in advertising, this year will see considerably littler brands receiving automatic advertising. With stages like Double Click for Google and Power Editor for Facebook, a considerable measure of elements will get robotized. Google has additionally propelled responsive display advertising taking into consideration brands to run promotions of different sizes without having a plan group. YouTube is soon propelling a component to consider automated product feature underneath videos, wherein machine learning would figure out which item it is, as opposed to the brand physically tagging which videos grandstand their items.

Responsive Display Ads

Google has revealed Hindi content was growing quicker than English content and this is probably going to become encourage in 2017. With Netflix, Amazon Prime and others leading the video content in numerous languages, we are likewise going to see composed and visual content developing in regional languages. Facebook has additionally launched an auto-translate feature for all the Brand Pages — however beginning it will undoubtedly enhance this year.

Building the brand is critical, and what preferred path over videos? It’s never been less demanding to make videos with the assistance of free and ease tools. According to measurements by Facebook, users watch a normal of 100 million hours of video consistently, the vast majority of which are on their mobile devices. Facebook has made it significantly simpler with its Facebook Live feature, which is an exceptionally captivating tool, particularly for entertainment, fashion and hospitality industries.

Facebook Live in 2017

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Attribution, particularly for online/offline, will keep on being a grey area. While there have been numerous activities and many are in the pipeline, most restaurants, retailers and offline stores think that its hard to characteristic walk-ins and business results to the advanced medium. Facebook and Google Maps have been enhancing their proximity data to comprehend if users are at a particular location and urge them to survey the location. Google is additionally in an early stage testing of reference points to take into consideration better attribution yet it’s as yet 1.5 to two years from mass reception.

Brands have constantly thought that it was hard to be active on multiple social media networks and we do expect some combination. Twitter has been in discusses offering out and even development of Snapchat hasn’t expanded. We will see marks additionally focussing on select platforms — for the most part a greatest of a few — that make sense.


There has been a considerable measure of talk around virtual reality devices. While the experience they give is remarkable, it won’t be standard yet. While the cost of devices is plunging, the reception of these somewhat massive devices is as yet restricted to a few tech-savvy individuals, at least in India.