Google Search Console is one of the numerous SEO devices, yet regularly utilized due to the tie-in with Google and the likelihood to incorporate Google Search Console with Google Analytics. Be that as it may, it has a few impediments:

• Google Search Console just gives data from Google and not from other search engines. In view of Google’s immense piece of the pie and in light of the fact that Google is by all accounts more basic than other search engines, this scarcely represents an issue.

• Other SEO devices give knowledge to a more extensive scope of SEO criteria, for example, C-squares, social media, and so forth. These instruments regularly have different downsides. As Google Search Console is free, it can without much of a stretch be utilized as a correlative device.

• The information in Google Search Console isn’t refreshed progressively. The measure of snaps and impressions created isn’t profoundly exact and it is two weeks behind. The measure of backlinks is typically refreshed week after week, frequently on a Tuesday.

• The backlinks appeared in Google Search Console are not the majority of the spidered links. A few (not all) of no-followed links are excluded.

With everything taken into account, we emphatically encourage to utilize Google Search Console when running a site or need to utilize SEO in your promoting blend. Aside from the website admin apparatuses, the immediate tie-in with Google gives significant information that cannot be recovered somewhere else. Maybe Google Search Console isn’t the most expansive of SEO apparatuses (and positively not the best for big business level SEO), it completes a great job at the SEO essentials and is the main SEO instrument that enables you to repudiate terrible backlinks.