We have an assortment of resources for getting your marketing plan composed for the up and coming year – between the 2017 marketing strategy kit, the social media content calendar, and the blog article schedule, we have your content marketing technique secured.

Be that as it may, before you settle your social media strategy for the year, it’s critical to take a gander at what’s coming down the road to guarantee that you’re dispensing your time and endeavors properly. In this blog post, we’ll plunge into what occurred in 2016, what we think social media managers ought to expect in 2017, and how to get ready for these progressions.

New Trends Of Social Media in 2017

1. Rise Of Live Video Content

Live video content is on the ascent – truth be told, 14% of marketers explored different avenues regarding it in 2016, as per Social Media details, and 43% plan to utilize intuitive video this year, as indicated by new survey information.

Facebook Live in 2017

While there are a huge amount of streaming sites and platforms out there, both Periscope and Facebook Live are among the most famous – and they have the numbers to demonstrate it.

In its 2016 yearly recap, Periscope noticed that clients viewed 110 years of live video consistently utilizing the application. What’s more, quite recently this New Year’s Eve, live streaming on Facebook achieved record-breaking numbers far and wide.

In addition Facebook Live and Periscope, Instagram and Twitter propelled their adaptations of live video streaming in November and December 2016, separately.

So where would it be advisable for you to want to center your live streaming efforts in 2017?

Great question. Above all else, you’ll need to consider where your audience as of now invests time on social media – and attempt to interface with them on those networks.

With respect to what to broadcast, there are a considerable measure of brands out there that are nailing this strategy over a few utilize cases. For instance, many brands are utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to live stream occasions. This approach plans to keep your followers drew in with your image by bringing an event they generally won’t not have the capacity to go to straightforwardly to their screens.

Brands can likewise utilize live video for customer service by facilitating Q&A product demonstrations. These videos drive engagement since hosts can request comments, questions, and input from the audience.

Brands can likewise stream numerous live videos in an arrangement, giving more chances to engagement, which Facebook said happens at a rate 10X higher with live videos.

This year, watch out for new features taking off to the diverse live streaming stages to amp up your video strategy. For instance, Facebook Live is propelling 360-degree abilities, which would be a perfect approach to record a crowded event, a beautiful landscape, or an off camera visit.

2. Lean Towards Messaging Apps More Than Ever

In case you’re just considering messaging applications, for example, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat as contrasting options to conventional text messaging, reconsider – messaging applications are utilized by 4 billion users around the world, and there’s enormous open door for brands to use this presence.

mobile apps 2017

All the more particularly, many brands are utilizing messaging apps to convey one-on-one with customers, which is totally changing the way customer service gets done. These applications give a speedier and less demanding path for customers to get the help they require, as opposed to being put on hold or sitting tight for a returned email. Sending messaging for customer service is more adaptable and cost-effective for businesses, and by giving a superior experience to the customer, brands can take care of their issues rapidly and hold them all the more effectively.

3. Social Media – Powerful Avenue For Sales

Social Media - powerful avenue for sales

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest offer courses for users to buy items from straightforwardly inside their applications, and Snapchat began testing and taking off internet business includes in the spring of 2016.

56% of buyers said they followed brands via social media to peruse items available to be purchased, and 31% of online customers say they’re utilizing social media particularly to search for new things to buy.

Brands ought to use these shopping propensities when considering their social media strategy for 2017. People come to social media to interface with intriguing content, so as opposed to sharing a photograph of an item on Instagram with a “Purchase Now” call-to-action, share gift thoughts and item trends (24% and 16% of overview respondents depended via social media for these, separately) and empower online shopping without specifically requesting it.

Another thought? Product demonstration videos via social media. 4X the same number of customers want to watch a video about new item, so share them on social media to empower online customers.

This year, video streaming will speak to just about 75% of all web traffic, and since audiences need more video content, brands ought to keep exploring different avenues regarding different formats – including virtual reality – to see which audiences react best to.

4. Ephemeral Content Will Find It’s Place and Purpose

Snapchat began the ephemeral, or vanishing, visual content sharing pattern, and Instagram as of late propelled a comparable vanishing video feature – however with the capacity to share live fleeting video, as well.

We’re not recommending that you forsake proficient photography and marketing video generation, yet ephemeral content on Snapchat and Instagram is an incredible approach to feature the “other side” of your brand’s personality with genuine, unscripted, unpolished substance. Content thoughts for ephemeral stories include:

  • How-to videos
  • Behind-the-scenes looks
  • Challenges and giveaways
  • Recipes
  • Interviews
  • “Takeovers,” or when an alternate user picks what substance to share
  • Live events
  • Every day or week after week video series
  • Occasions
  • Declarations or item uncovers

“The most critical piece of ephemeral content is to be human. This is a remarkable chance to demonstrate an unpolished, cheerful side to your brand, so don’t be reluctant to share content that is humorous or something else “defective” somehow.”

5. Shift From Snapchat To Instagram For Stories

Instagram presented its Stories feature in August 2016. After only two months, Instagram Stories were encountering 100 million day by day active viewers – this speaks to 66% of Snapchat’s aggregate client base, period. For this and different reasons, brands will begin transitioning from Snapchat to Instagram for sharing Stories (photographs and videos that vanish following 24 hours).

At 600 million users, Instagram offers an unfathomably greater audience base than Snapchat at 150 million users. What’s more, in light of the fact that Facebook possesses Instagram, Instagram advertisers can target in light of Facebook and Instagram insights, which implies there is a greater target audience on Instagram than Twitter.

snapchat and instagram stories

Also, Instagram gives users a chance to publish photographs and videos in a changeless portfolio in addition to ephemeral Stories, so users can all the more effortlessly share content to their companions.

Regardless of its quick development and sheer volume of content being shared, Snapchat offers less means of measurement and analysis for social media marketers, so Instagram may offer more prominent ROI in 2017.

6. Mobile Marketing Will Grow More Competition

In 2017, advertisers ought to expect more investment in mobile advertising. Here’s an once-over of what that will look like on a portion of the largest social networks:

Facebook is the behemoth with regards to social media ad revenues, acquiring more than $7 billion a year ago – 80% of which originated from mobile ads. Facebook’s News Feed algorithmic changes now organize content from loved ones to start with, so the 75% of brands on Facebook that pay to promote ads should get inventive and outline visual, connecting with advertisements to get noticed first.

Twitter’s advertisement revenue is increasing, particularly in the mobile format, and in 2017, they’ll likely keep exploring different avenues regarding visual content, for example, supported hashtag symbols and stickers, to give a variety of ad options to users.

As we’ve already examined, Snapchat and Instagram will be competing for a great deal of consideration this year, and advertising revenue will be no exemption. Where do they remain as far as improvements? All things considered, Snapchat as of late launched new promoting API that makes it easier to purchase advertisement space, in addition to a more variety of video ads and sponsored filters. Instagram, then again, is multiplying down on ecommerce with the presentation of Shoppable Instagram, a feature that gives users a chance to purchase items specifically by tapping on a CTA in the application.

In short: Marketers ought to explore different avenues regarding advertisements on various stages to see which perform better among their audience and exploit the cool new features each takes off.

What’s Next For Social Media Consultancy?

Social media is always showing signs of change, and one forecast we did exclude above is to get ready for anything. Furthermore, in case you don’t know where to begin with your social media plan, don’t stress – we have you secured.